190213 Youth Critical Mass Event AZ Mill

Sunday at 9:15 am -

Jr. High & Sr. High Sunday School Classes


Sunday at 10:30 am -

Worship Service


Wednesday at 6:45 pm -
Student Activities: These vary and include Bible Life Application, events with other Nazarene churches, Destination Unknown and more. Let us know about topics you would like to learn about here!

Youth Topic and Activity Requests

Please use this form to give suggestions for life topics and activities that you would like to do as a group.


Jr. and Sr. High Camp

June 21-25



The cost for camp is normally $250, however we pay a large part of that cost for students who regularly attend EVNaz, if non-refundable $25 deposit is in to Nathan Brown, the offering boxes or online on or before May 23rd (If not, the whole scholarship is lost!), making the cost for each first student in a family $125. The next student in a family is half of that, the next student half again, etc.

Please fill all required information by May 23rd here! Packet and forms will then be given out to be completed by June 13th. Also, all funds need to be completely turned in by June 13th.


Camp details are available here, however please do not register here. Instead use the link above.

If you might have any questions, please contact Nathan Brown.

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Youth Director:

Nathan Brown

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