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Below is an article that was written by a guest of our church.

We found his statements to be very true description of our church.

East Valley Church of the Nazarene - It is the Best


If you are looking for a family friendly church that will leave you feeling spiritually enriched, look no farther if you live in Apache Junction or East Mesa, Arizona. I am a retired professor of religious studies at an Eastern U. S. University. I came to Arizona for a visit with my daughter and I decided to use the opportunity to find small churches to visit. I like to study small churches because they offer an opportunity to know one another better, and they seem to find a sharing of their spiritual blessings to be beneficial in their lives. I have been doing this for 20 years and I have had some unbelievable experiences.

A friend of my daughter seemed very excited about the East Valley Church of the Nazarene located at 127 N. Signal Butte Rd. which is just a few yards north of Main Street, so I decided to visit this church, unidentified, as I always do. I attended services on six Sundays. One nice feature of a small church is I can always find people who will talk to me, and a place to park.


I enjoyed the Praise and Worship service so much that I found it difficult to leave for home. However, in my random discussions with members I discovered that this church has something for almost everyone. The Rev. Scott Thornton, an ordained seminary graduate, is a dynamic preacher who is exceptionally friendly and very knowledgeable about the Word. This I could easily recognize. His preaching style follows that of a friendly pastor who wants his members to be as excited about Jesus as he is. Attending a service at this church is absolutely refreshing. He reminds me somewhat of the great Billy Sunday or Sam Jones. I noticed that he is not about himself. He is about how he can bring others to the same faith he has. This has also resulted in many programs being offered like the Small Groups, the various week night study meetings and the prayer meetings.


Parents, I want you to know that I have found in this church an outstanding youth program led by Pastor Frankie. Pastor Frankie was ordained an elder in 2003. It is clear that the youth program is larger than many I have studied and more viable than most. It is a very active group. I can say that getting youth into the church for any reason in these times is nearly impossible, but not at this church. The church owns two buses that are used to pick-up children from their homes for church, and to transport them to camping experiences and other outings. I am particularly impressed with the protection provided for the youth. One church official told me that a background check is required for anyone who wants to volunteer to work with children and youth. How wonderful!! Pastor Thornton has been very much a leader in the youth program also. I relish in the knowledge that we have a church that cares about our youth. Many churches do, but many do not care to the level of East Valley Church of the Nazarene.

Outreach is another characteristic of this church which touches me. Last Thanksgiving the church prepared over 250 baskets of food for those who needed help. They operate a “pantry” today that provides food baskets to people who need them.


The campus includes the Family Life Building that is a place for meals to be shared along with the blessings of the Lord. It has a nice kitchen which is sure to bring ‘em in. The building has a gymnasium, and an upstairs area that is ideal for the youth and the children’s ministry...

...The Monthly Praise & Prayer Service is held the last Sunday of each month at 6:00pm. You will find this to be an uplifting experience according to people who attend faithfully. This is an exciting service where people come together to praise and live out their commitment to others.

The Wednesday Evening Adult Prayer Meeting begins at 7:00pm and this is a time offered for members to pray for those in need. All are welcome into the Sanctuary as people pray for prayer requests from the church family and hear from God's Word.

There is so much more that I could tell you about, but I invite you to read about it at www.evnaz.org. I have found a piece of gold in the Desert. I heard a rumor that there was gold in the desert out there, but I didn’t believe it until I went to EVNAZ.



Professor Jack Stratton

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