May 12, 2020 His Finest Work - Jenine Anderson

After Jesus’ disciples fought a raging storm for nine cold hours, at about 4:00 AM the unspeakable happened. They spotted someone coming on the water. "'A ghost!' they said, crying out in terror.'" (Matthew 14:26 MSG). They didn’t expect Jesus to come to them this way.

Neither do we. We expect Him to come in the form of peaceful hymns on Easter Sundays or quiet retreats. We expect to find Jesus in morning devotionals and meditations. We never expect to see Him in a divorce or a foreclosure. We never expect to see Him in a storm. But it’s in a storm that He does His finest work, for it is in storms that He has our keenest attention.

Jesus replied to the disciples’ fear with an invitation worthy of inscription on every church cornerstone and residential archway, "'Don’t be afraid,' he said. 'Take courage. I am here!''" (Matthew 17:27).

- Max Lucado (Upwords devotional 4/26/18)


God’s finest work may be done in a worldwide pandemic, too. Are you looking for Him? He’s here, in our homes, with essential workers, medical personnel, and those who are afraid of what the “new normal” might look like. Don’t forget who our hope is in. Keep your eyes open so you might be able to witness His finest work.

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