June 18, 2020 In the Heat - JoAnn Moreno

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

To start with, I love watching "Forged in Fire" and seeing how blades are made step by step.

1) Choosing the right metal.

2) Firing it up to a bright red that shows the heat by its color saying when to start pounding.

3) Then pounding starts to form what is called a Beal. This is the first step of seeing a blade.

4) Then finishing up the Beal into a blade.

5) Last the finishing touch of sharpening.

The bladesmith has control of the beal and fire, knowing when to start and when to study the blade and then when to say I'm done.

God has been in control of every situation from the get go.

For example, Shadrach, Mechach and Obednego were thrown into a furnace because they stood up for their beliefs.

Daniel was put into a den of lions for praying to God.

Job was taken ill and he lost his family and wealth for being faithful to God.

There's more I can mention, but the thing is that sometimes GOD puts us in situations so He can fire us up and see the true colors that we are. Some are made to stand firm and some made to fulfill their ministries.

He chooses the ones He's going to work with and He remains with the person and controls the fire and the pressure and pictures the outcome of His work.

God was with these men I mentioned in one form or another. He never left.

In this time of age where there is chaos He's in the midst and He wants us to prepare for what's coming. The pressure is building and still He has control.

We have the pressure of this world and many do not want to hear GODS words.

Pastor has mentioned in his sermon that people are watching church on TV's, tablets and phones. They are feeling the what's coming and we are getting ready to see the result of this worlds rejection of GOD.


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