June 12, 2020 Psalm 23:5c - Pastor Frankie Fugate

*This devotion was taken from the devotions Pastor Frankie wrote Psalm 23 and mailed to the children of EVNaz. These devotional books can be found at

Psalm 23:5c “my cup overflows.”

Autumn days can be golden under Indian summer weather with leaves changing colors and the weather cool. No other season finds them so fit and well and strong. No wonder David wrote, “my cup overflows.”

But at the same time, unexpected blizzards can blow up suddenly. The flocks and their shepherds can pass through terrible suffering together.

It is here that we can understand a cup that overflows. In every person’s life there is a cup of suffering. Jesus referred to His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane and at Calvary as His cup. And had it not overflowed with his life poured out for us, we would have perished (died).

Our shepherd is alert to every disaster that threatens His people. He has been through the storms of suffering before. He understands our sorrow and pain.

No matter what storms in life we face, Jesus is there pouring Himself into us. That’s how much He loves us. Our cup can run over with great blessing and benefit to others who see us stand strong in Jesus when we are going through tough times.


Dear God:

Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus. Thank you that I can always count on You to be with me, no matter what. May my life overflow with You in it. I trust you God!

In Jesus name, Amen.

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