June 11, 2020 Can You Relate: Joshua 2 - Laura Harris

Have you ever been labeled a certain type of person - considered less than another people group? Could not find work and chose shady ways to bring in income or maybe stole to put food on the table? Have you ever been counted out as if nothing good could ever come from you?

I want to refresh our memory with the life of Rahab, found in Joshua 2.

Are you familiar with the life of Rahab?

She was a Canaanite (a hated enemy of Israel) Inn Keeper/Prostitute (considered less than). Her home was part of the wall that surrounded Jericho. Because, of the locality of her home and her livelihood it would not surprise anyone to find men coming and going from her establishment. In this way making it a good place for the spies to survey without causing alarm. The king of Jericho received word the spies were in the city and demanded the spies be sent out of Rahab’s home.

But....(God had a plan)

Rahab realized the God of Israel is the one true God. She recounts the actions of God protecting His people with the parting of the Red Sea and the destruction of kings/towns in the area. She knew that these Israelites were there to take over and worked out a deal with the spies. Rahab hid the spies under flax on the roof, lied about their whereabouts, and then she shuttled them safely out the window and out of town asking the spies to save her family when they conquered Jericho. She then becomes part of the lineage of our Lord and Savior.

God took Rahab - an enemy, a harlot and not counted as having much worth in the eyes of the community.... to be someone of importance to us!

Thank You God for your provisions for Rahab. Thank you for showing us how you can and will use people who seem to have no worth by the world value system, to play a part in Your Story.

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