July 16, 2020 I Hereby Resign - Jenine Anderson

"Have you ever left an appliance at the repair shop? Perhaps your toaster broke, or your microwave oven stopped working. You tried to fix it but had no success. So you took it to the specialist. You explained the problem and then…

- Offered to stay and help him fix it,

- Hovered next to his workbench asking questions about the progress,

- Threw a sleeping bag on the floor of the workshop so you could watch the repairman work."

"If you did any of these things, you don’t understand the relationship between client and repairman."

"The arrangement is uncomplicated. Leave it with him to fix it."

"Our protocol with God is equally simple. Leave your problem with him.

'I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that day.'” (2 Timothy 1:12)

"God doesn’t need our help, counsel, or assistance. (Please repeat this phrase: I hereby resign as the ruler of the universe.) When He is ready for us to reengage, He will let us know." – Max Lucado, Anxious for Nothing

"Let me remind you that this is God’s universe, and He is doing things His way. You may think you have a better way, but you don’t have a universe to rule." J. Vernon McGee


Are you guilty of hovering over the Specialist’s workbench? Do you find yourself offering your expertise to God on how to fix your problems? Why is it so difficult to lay down our troubles at the foot of the throne and let the real Ruler of the Universe fix what is broken?

Jesus, forgive me for my bravado and for thinking I know what’s best. Please take my burdens and help me to not take them back when things aren’t going according to my self-imposed timeline or how I wanted them to be fixed. I know your will is better than my will. Please help me act like it. Amen.

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