January 22, 2021 Close Out the Chaos - Jo Ann Moreno

Updated: Jan 26

In a small town not far from here there is a small church of 15 members.

The believers are strong in reading, studying, praying and staying active in the community.

Their prayer meeting was started with the names of people who were not able to join that day due to illness or family issues.

In the midst of their time the Holy Spirit was moving so powerfully that time flew by. Towards the end of the meeting three men entered the building with the intention to do harm. They went different directions. Two of the men were looking in the office and the other in the children classroom.

The third man went into the sanctuary where he noticed the pastor pacing while in prayer. The intruder yelled at the pastor, which got his attention, and they start talking. He then yelled for his partners to come to the sanctuary. As they both entered, the third man told them to take the money from the others that were kneeling.

Both men looked at him and their response was, "There is no one else but the pastor". The leader started yelling to look under the benches and hallways incase some escaped, and they both yelled, "THERE IS ONE ELSE in the building!!!

The leader of the intruders wiped his eyes and wondered why they couldn't see the others. He became confused and put the gun to the pastor's face and yelled, "I WILL BE BACK!!!".

In the midst of the ordeal the people attending the meeting remained in prayer. They did not let the situation distract them. They prayed for the Lord to cover them with His Spirit.

Three months later the leader of the intruders returned as he had promised. When the pastor announced for an altar call he was the first one to go up and he gave his life to Christ.


Corrie Ten Boom stated that it's better to be in the realm of prayer where everything is possible and closes out the chaos.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens and empowers me to fulfil his purpose." Philippians 4:13

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