January 15, 2021 Helping a Neighbor - Pastor Frankie Fugate

Updated: Jan 26

*This devotion was taken from the devotions Pastor Frankie wrote on Jesus' life and mailed to the children of EVNaz. These devotional books can be found at

Read Luke 10:25-37.

Jesus told a story about a man who was travelling from Jericho to Jerusalem. The man was robbed, stripped of his clothes, beaten and left hurt and bleeding on the side of the road. A priest (a church leader) came down the same road and saw the injured man, but passed by on the other side of the road.

Next, along came a Levite man. Levites were people who helped the priests. The Levite also passed by on the other side of the road. These men may have been afraid of being hurt themselves, or they may have been concerned that if they helped the man, that they would not be allowed to do their jobs at the temple.

Finally, a Samaritan man walked down the road and saw the wounded man. Samaritans and Jews considered each other to be enemies. It was not likely that the Samaritan even lived in that area. He was probably just another traveler passing through. However, the Samaritan man decided to help the injured man. He put the injured man on his donkey, took him to an inn (hotel) and took care of him.

The next day the Samaritan offered to pay the innkeeper for the injured man’s room and care until he was better. When He reached the end of this story, Jesus said, “Go and do likewise” (Luke 10:37). It makes God happy when we show His love to others by being kind, caring and fair (Jeremiah 9:24).


Dear God, I am sorry that I have not been accepting of ________. Please help me to show him/her that I have Jesus’ love in my heart. In Jesus name, Amen.


1. Who are the four people mentioned in this story?

2. How were these four people different from one another?

3. Why do you think the first two men did not want to help the wounded man?

4. How did the Samaritan show love to the injured man?

5. Was it difficult for the Samaritan man to help the injured man?

6. Do you think Jesus would have helped the injured man?

7. Why do we choose not to help people sometimes?

8. Can you think of some ways we could help the people who are our neighbors?

9. How do love and acceptance go together? In Romans 8:28, what did Paul urge all believers to remember?

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