April 16, 2021 Don't Be Stupid - Jenine Anderson

Everyone stumbles. The difference is in the response. Some stumble into the pit of guilt, others tumble into the arms of God. They make a deliberate decision to stand up and lean into the grace of God. Just like you, the prodigal son was given an inheritance; he was a member of the family. Perhaps just like you, he squandered it on wild living and bad choices. His trail dead-ended in a pigpen. He fed hogs for a living. Then he made a decision that changed his life forever: “I will arise and go to my father” (Luke 15:18).

You can do that! You can arise and go to your Father. Maybe you can’t solve all your problems or disentangle all your knots. You can’t undo all the damage you’ve done, but you can arise and go to your Father. Landing in a pigpen stinks. But, friend, staying there is just plain stupid.

-Max Lucado Upwords Devotional 1/27/21


Sometimes I think we wallow in the aftermath of our poor decisions because we feel we deserve to be there. I feel like I’m constantly reminding my boys “there are consequences for your actions,” so I feel I need to practice what I preach. When I do that however, I’m ignoring God’s hand extending mercy. If the Prodigal Son can be restored, I can too.

There is nothing you could ever do to fall outside the scope of God’s mercy. Why not accept it?

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