A Call To Prayer for Friday, April 3, 2020 from Pastor Perry Windecker

Some of you may not know me and not know that prayer is a very big part of my testimony and faith. I have seen it heal people and I have seen it release people. I have seen prayer change circumstances and even more I have seen it change our mind about our circumstances. We say that our faith is the “anchor in the veil” that holds, but prayer is the rope of that anchor we hold onto. I am asking that all of us take a moment and pray…everyone where ever we may be. Let’s set a scheduled time for noon on Friday the 3rd of April. A single moment in prayer before we start into Holy Week.

Let our combined voice reach out to our Heavenly Father to pray for all those who have been affected by this virus. Those who are sick, those who have lost love ones, those who are on the front lines fighting it—the doctors, nurses, and researches and those who have lost employment. Let’s also pray that the church once again is seen as the light in this dark and troubled world.

Perry Windecker

East Valley Church of The Nazarene

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